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Logo for French ShoutWiki Hub[modifier]

Hi Jack,
It seems that the left front logo is not Fichier:Wiki.png because I uploaded a french version as Wiki.png (based on Derfel version as you can see it on the right side) but it doesn't appear on the left side as main logo. Is it possible please to enable the Wiki.png logo on the French Hub as the other wikies? Thank you very much. --LIMAFOX76 27 octobre 2010 à 19:45 (UTC)

Done. Very cool logo, by the way. :-) --Jack Phoenix ShoutWiki Staff (contact) 27 octobre 2010 à 19:48 (UTC)
THAT'S a quick answer, thanks! And you're welcome. --LIMAFOX76 27 octobre 2010 à 19:49 (UTC)

Create Wiki[modifier]

Hi again,
Do you plan to translate the CreateWiki batch and when? If you want, I can help you to translate the application in French. --LIMAFOX76 27 octobre 2010 à 20:28 (UTC)

Hi, translation help is always appreciated! :-) My French skills aren't that good, so I haven't been able to complete the translation work, unfortunately. Having CreateWiki available in French for the French-speaking community would be awesome! Here are the English messages for CreateWiki:
	'createwiki' => 'Create a wiki',
	'createwiki-category' => 'Category',
	'createwiki-category-list' => "Computers\nGaming\nHistory\nMovies\nPolitics\nSports\nTelevision\nOther",
	'createwiki-clear' => 'Clear form',
	'createwiki-close' => 'close',
	'createwiki-confirm' => 'Are you sure you want to restart? Your data will not be saved!',
	'createwiki-continue' => 'Continue',
	'createwiki-create' => 'Create my wiki!',
	'createwiki-desc-page' => "'''[$3.$4 $5]''', in {{#language:$6}}, started by $7 on $8.
$1 [[{{subst:ns:category}}:$2]]",
	'createwiki-description' => 'Describe your wiki here. Please supply as much info as possible.',
	'createwiki-disable' => 'Disable',
	'createwiki-email-error' => 'Invalid email domain!',
	'createwiki-email-blank' => 'No email specified!',
	'createwiki-email-title' => 'Email Restriction',
	'createwiki-enable' => 'Enable',
	'createwiki-enlarge' => 'Click to enlarge image',
	'createwiki-error' => 'An error has occurred and your wiki cannot be created.',
	'createwiki-error-reason' => "An error has occurred and your wiki cannot be created.\n* $1",
	'createwiki-exists' => 'This wiki already exists. Please choose another subdomain name',
	'createwiki-expand' => 'Expand text box',
	'createwiki-fixerrors' => 'Please fix the errors mentioned below',
	'createwiki-goto' => '[http://$1.$2/ Go to your new wiki]!',
	'createwiki-invalid-sitename' => 'Invalid sitename',
	'createwiki-invalid-sitename-info' => 'The site name may not be left blank, may not be "MediaWiki," and may not contain the "#" character',
	'createwiki-langprefix' => 'Include language prefix (for example, en or fr) in URL',
	'createwiki-language' => 'Language of the wiki',
	'createwiki-license' => 'License of the wiki',
	'createwiki-license-list' => '* GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)
** gfdl1_3|GFDL Version 1.3
** gfdl1_2|GFDL Version 1.2
* Creative Commons
** cc-by-nc-sa|Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommerical-Share Alike 3.0
** cc-by-sa|Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
* pd|Public Domain
* copy|Content Copyright by yourself or your oganization',
	'createwiki-log-delete' => 'deleted the wiki "$2" with the language "$3"',
	'createwiki-log-entry' => 'created the wiki "<a href="http://$2.$3">$4</a>" with the language "$5";',
	'createwiki-log-edit' => 'modified the wiki "$2" ($3)',
	'createwiki-log-text' => 'This is a restricted log of wiki creations, deletions, and modifications.',
	'createwiki-log-page' => 'Wiki log',
	'createwiki-moreinfo' => 'more info',
	'createwiki-mustaccept' => 'You must accept the Terms of Use as displayed below',
	'createwiki-needajax' => 'Your browser must support AJAX for you to use CreateWiki',
	'createwiki-needjs' => 'JavaScript must be enabled for you to use CreateWiki',
	'createwiki-newmainpage' => '==Welcome to your new site!==
This is your new site! Feel free to start editing right away!',
	'createwiki-no' => 'no',
	'createwiki-noblank' => 'Must not be blank',
	'createwiki-nocookies' => 'An unexpected error has occurred and CreateWiki must stop. Make sure that cookies are enabled for this site and try again.',
	'createwiki-nolicense' => 'You must select a license',
	'createwiki-no-starter' => 'No starter wiki exists for language "$1". If you would like to create $1.starter.shoutwiki.com, please [[Special:Contact|contact a ShoutWiki staff member]]. Thank you for your interest!',
	'createwiki-ok' => 'OK',
	'createwiki-preview' => 'Preview',
	'createwiki-processing' => 'Processing request... please wait',
	'createwiki-restart' => 'It appears that you are missing information required by CreateWiki.<br />Please restart the CreateWiki process and be sure to fill in the missing info',
	'createwiki-restriction-private' => "Everyone\nRegistered users only\nInvited users only",
	'createwiki-restriction-school' => "Everyone\nRegistered users only\nInvited users only\nUsers with an email address from",
	'createwiki-restriction-edit' => 'Editing restriction',
	'createwiki-restriction-view' => 'Viewing restriction',
	'createwiki-sd-blacklist' => 'Blacklisted subdomain',
	'createwiki-sd-blacklist-info' => 'The subdomain you chose is blacklisted. If you feel this is in error, contact the ShoutWiki Customer Support Team',
	'createwiki-sd-invalid' => 'Invalid subdomain',
	'createwiki-sd-invalid-info' => 'The subdomain may only contain Latin letters, numbers, and hyphens (and may not start with a hyphen)',
	'createwiki-sd-long' => 'Subdomain too long!',
	'createwiki-sd-short' => 'Subdomain too short!',
	'createwiki-sitename' => 'Site name',
	'createwiki-sitename-long' => 'Consider shortening your site name',
	'createwiki-sitename-long-info' => 'Site names longer than 16 letters make it difficult to link to project pages. Consider shortening your site name',
	'createwiki-skin' => 'Default skin',
	'createwiki-starter' => 'Import content from starter wiki',
	'createwiki-startover' => 'Start over',
	'createwiki-step1' => 'Step 1: Wiki information',
	'createwiki-step2' => 'Step 2: Wiki look and feel',
	'createwiki-step3' => 'Step 3: Advanced options',
	'createwiki-step4' => 'Step 4: Verify and create',
	'createwiki-step1-short' => 'Wiki information',
	'createwiki-step2-short' => 'Wiki look and feel',
	'createwiki-step3-short' => 'Advanced options',
	'createwiki-step4-short' => 'Verify and create',
	'createwiki-terms' => 'Terms of Use',
	'createwiki-terms-accept' => 'I have read and agree to the Terms of Use stated above',
	'createwiki-terms-submit' => 'Start the Wiki Creation Wizard!',
	'createwiki-theme' => 'Theme',
	'createwiki-theme-default' => 'Default',
	'createwiki-theme-dark' => 'Dark',
	'createwiki-theme-pink' => 'Pink',
	'createwiki-thickbox-close' => '$1 or Esc Key',
	'createwiki-throttle-day' => 'You have already created {{PLURAL:$1|1 wiki|$1 wikis}} today. Please try again tomorrow.',
	'createwiki-throttle-max' => 'You have already created {{PLURAL:$1|1 wiki|$1 wikis}}. You cannot create any more.',
	'createwiki-type' => "Your wiki's type",
	'createwiki-types' => "Public\nPrivate\nSchool",
	'createwiki-wikiname' => 'Subdomain of the wiki (max. 30 characters)',
	'createwiki-yes' => 'yes',
	'deletewiki' => 'Delete a wiki',
	'deletewiki-dropped' => 'The database for $1 has been dropped.',
	'deletewiki-emptyfields' => 'You left one of the required fields empty!',
	'deletewiki-ended' => 'The wiki and all entries related to it were succesfully deleted.',
	'deletewiki-language' => 'Language',
	'deletewiki-reason' => 'Reason:',
	'deletewiki-summary' => 'Use this tool to delete wikis permanently from the filesystem.',
	'deletewiki-wikiname' => 'Subdomain of the wiki to delete',
	'right-createwiki' => 'Create new wikis',
	'right-createwikilog' => 'View the log of wiki creations, deletions, and modifications',
	'right-createwiki-nolimit' => 'May create an unlimited number of wikis',
	'right-createwiki-touexempt' => 'May create a new wiki without explicitly agreeing to the [[Terms of use]]',
	'right-deletewiki' => 'Delete existing wikis',
	'right-editwiki' => 'Modify wiki settings',

and here's what has been translated into French so far:

	'createwiki' => 'Créer un wiki',
	'createwiki-category' => 'Catégorie',
	'createwiki-clear' => 'Effacer le formulaire',
	'createwiki-close' => 'fermer',
	'createwiki-confirm' => 'Êtes-vous sûr de vouloir redémarrer ? Vos données ne seront pas enregistrées !',
	'createwiki-continue' => 'Continuer',
	'createwiki-create' => 'Créer mon wiki !',
	'createwiki-description' => "Décrivez votre wiki ici. S'il vous plaît fournir autant d'infos que possible.",
	'createwiki-disable' => 'Désactiver',
	'createwiki-email-blank' => 'Non spécifié courriel !',
	'createwiki-enable' => 'Activer',
	'createwiki-enlarge' => "Cliquez pour agrandir l'image",
	'createwiki-error' => "Une erreur s'est produite et que votre wiki ne peut pas être créé.",
	'createwiki-error-reason' => "Une erreur s'est produite et que votre wiki ne peut pas être créé.\n* $1",
	'createwiki-fixerrors' => "S'il vous plaît corriger les erreurs mentionnées ci-dessous",
	'createwiki-goto' => '[http://$1.$2/ Rendez-vous à votre nouveau wiki] !',
	'createwiki-invalid-sitename' => 'Le nom du site est invalide',
	'createwiki-language' => 'La langue de wiki',
	'createwiki-license' => 'La licence de wiki',
	'createwiki-needajax' => 'Votre navigateur doit supporter AJAX pour utiliser CreateWiki',
	'createwiki-no' => 'non',
	'createwiki-nolicense' => 'Vous devez choisir un licence',
	'createwiki-no-starter' => "Il n'y a pas un wiki starter pour langue $1. Si vous souhaitez créer $1.starter.shoutwiki.com, [[Special:Contact|contacter un membre du personnel ShoutWiki]]. Merci de votre intérêt !",
	'createwiki-preview' => 'Prévisualisation',
	'createwiki-sitename' => 'Nom du site',
	'createwiki-skin' => "L'habillage par défaut",
	'createwiki-terms' => "Conditions d'utilisation",
	'createwiki-theme' => 'Thème',
	'createwiki-theme-default' => 'Défaut',
	'createwiki-theme-dark' => 'Sombre',
	'createwiki-theme-pink' => 'Rose',
	'createwiki-thickbox-close' => '$1 ou la touche échap',
	'createwiki-types' => "Public\nPrivé\nÉcole",
	'createwiki-yes' => 'oui',
	'deletewiki' => 'Supprimer un wiki',
	'deletewiki-language' => 'Langue',
	'deletewiki-reason' => 'Raison :',
	'right-createwiki' => 'Créer nouveau wikis',
	'right-deletewiki' => 'Supprimer les wikis existant',
	'right-editwiki' => 'Modifier les paramètres de wikis',
The part before => is the name of the message in the MediaWiki: namespace and the part after it is the message that should be translated. Some messages, like MediaWiki:Createwiki-types, contain special characters — that message contains the newline character, \n; these shouldn't be translated. If you need any help in translating or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! --Jack Phoenix ShoutWiki Staff (contact) 27 octobre 2010 à 20:52 (UTC)

équipe de support clients translation[modifier]

Hi Jack,
I just finished to translate the part you added to this page. I just add a nota regarding the fact that you're the only one in the staff who speaks some french and, if somebody who doesn't speak english need to email the staff, he can ask me to translate the message and send it to the staff, and to translate back the staff's answer.
Regards. --LIMAFOX76 7 novembre 2010 à 21:13 (UTC)

Merci ! My French isn't that good either (I'm sure you've noticed that by now ;-), but I'm learning more and more every day...maybe one of these days I'll write a stub article or two for the French Wikipedia. --Jack Phoenix ShoutWiki Staff (contact) 7 novembre 2010 à 22:09 (UTC)


Hi Jack,
I think there is a big issue with the BASEPAGENAME and The SUBPAGENAME magic words in ShoutWiki in general. For an example, you see this page as normaly his BASEPAGENAME equals to "Str left" but not here. It equals "Str left/doc". That makes a big issue for transcluded pages and with templates which has to find the BASEPAGENAME. That was a problem I noticed month ago with Stargate Wiki. Do you have an answer for this?
Thanks. Regards. --LIMAFOX76 26 février 2011 à 10:30 (UTC)

I'm not sure what might be going on there; it could be a MediaWiki 1.15 bug that has been fixed in 1.16. If it's still present after we have upgraded to MediaWiki 1.16 (which should be soon-ish, hopefully within the next 1-3 weeks), I suggest filing a bug on our Bugzilla.
If I also may note, that template looks like it's been copied from the English Wikipedia, since it's so ugly. ;-) I'd recommend using the StringFunctions extension on ShoutWiki, provided that it can do what that template can (I haven't really played around with it that much, sometimes even "normal" parser functions are enough to give me a headache!). --Jack Phoenix ShoutWiki Staff (contact) 26 février 2011 à 17:55 (UTC)
You're right about the copy ;-). The first step for me is to learn how it works. That's the reason I found this bug. I think that MediaWiki doesn't recognize the "/" character as a subpage separator (for the magic words). It's right I made a different way on my first wiki (Stargate Wiki FR). By the way, do you have an answer about Dynamic Page List fonction (old story) ? Thanks. --LIMAFOX76 26 février 2011 à 18:50 (UTC)

import STL files[modifier]

Hello, how could I import an STL file in my wiki please ?